In the early 1990’s I began to become more interested in experiences that would facilitate peacefulness and beauty both within myself and the surrounding environment. A shift in the music I listened to led to the discovery and appreciation of the music of the Native American Flute. An interest in the crafting of these instruments soon followed. A commitment to excellence, instilled in me while growing up in a rural area of the Midwest, led to the desire and search for flute crafting methods that would create a high quality instrument.

In late 1995, a meeting with a man of exceptional character and expertise in physics, engineering, metaphysical subjects, and flute making allowed the fulfillment of this desire. Lew Paxton Price, author of many treatises on flute making, as well as other subjects, became a cherished friend and mentor as he shared his extensive knowledge. Several months later, another fortuitous meeting occurred, this time with Grammy and Nammy award winning recording artist Mary Youngblood. Thus began a friendship and learning process as I endeavored to design NA Style flutes to meet the performance characteristics desired by this multitalented musician. Continued exposure to the knowledge and experience of Lew and Mary has contributed greatly to the evolution of the quality of the instruments, and I am eternally grateful.

During the past decade, the making of NA style flutes has moved from an initial desire, to a fulfilling hobby, to its current position in my world as “Life’s Work.” I know of no musical instrument that surpasses the Native American Flute in its ability to allow one to produce beautiful music from the depths of one’s being with a relatively small amount of instruction. Great ranges of feeling can be conveyed spontaneously, and a deep level of connection to listeners can be achieved simply by playing the flute. My intention is to create musical instruments of the highest achievable purity to allow music to flow from the depths of your being.