Hip hop and spoken word poetry

34Hip hop is considered as one of the most popular genre of music in the world, which draws many people in it with its irresistible beats. It is believed that consistently listening to hip hop to a large extent influence sexual relationship and behavior of an individual. Most hip hop beats have found different social perception therefore more appealing to the younger generation, apart from advocating for sexual activities, crime and violence in the targeted listeners. Among the greatest hip hop artists in the world are Eminem, 2pac Shakur, Notorious Big, Fat Joe,Lil Kim, Eve ,2 Chain z ,50 cent,Dr.Dre,Lil Wayne and among others.

Some of the best spoken word poetry is a poem which is characterized by artistic performances based on the word; it may also involve constant use of gestures, facial expression, and tonal variation thus making it different from other genre of music. The spoken word art started in the ancient times therefore of the oldest music that still exist, in the Ancient Greeks spoken word poetry was occasionally included in their Olympic games. Spoken word poetry has a more educational aspect as it creates a platform for the poet to air their emotions, views, life experiences to the audience which forms the outside, making it a motivating art.

Hip hop & spoken word poetry tend to linked as they complement each other, with the music industry in the world being diverse artists already engaged in the genres should better their games in order to stand out in the increasing competition especially from other music genres such as contemporary dance hall, trance music and Afro music.

Here are some of the tips to make you’re the best and true hip hop &spoken word poetry artist, there are;

Have you own style and be creative

With the world becoming more diverse in terms of religion, sex, marriage and politics it necessary to base you act on the trending issues worldwide such as advocating for homosexuality rights. Do not copy previous done works or try to translate into your language, avoid being biased on your music or poems. There are different styles that will make you unique in your art such as the south side style which entails rapping fast and sharp or east coast style where rapping is characterized by power and being loud

Memorize your words

Imagine being on stage and happen to forget your spoken words, that awful. Hip hop and spoken word poetry are professional careers which also engulf competition thus necessary for the artiste to regularly practice and challenge himself.in case you run out of words use you hand to gesticulate and let your hands hang freely, also be prepared for anything especially a slam competition or a basic hip hop freestyle.

Write own lyrics

Do not copy others artists or listen to any spoken word poetry or hip hop freestyles available online from different slam competition and make it your own, although this may help in forming your own idea.

Battle it out and perform

Yes battle but use word, engage in typical cipher or at well -organized club battle in front to f a live audience, feel the pressure of being judged by your peers and control your emotions, this helps you understand the artist develop courage to perform and what the audience expects for you.

Smile and engage during performance

This may sound awkward but no artists’ gets in to the stage to performance angry, smiling increase the audience ability to understand what you are really talking about, engage the audience by letting them rap along. Remember the audience is like a customer. Be disciplined.

Hip hop and spoken word poetry are professional careers which can earn millions of dollars every year thus equally important like any other sport or profession.